We Provide Enterprise Class WiFi Solutions to Small Business at a Budget Friendly Price!

It is Time for a Better WiFi Solution

Our WiFi service is cloud managed and built for business. We focus on reliability and security. Our mission is to provide enterprise class solutions tailored to your business model at a budget friendly price.

  • Cloud Managed

    No need for expensive and complicated servers, data centers and high-cost IT workers.

  • Safe And Secure

    Built in firewall policies keep customers isolated from each other and your private cloud network.

  • Unlimited Scalability

    From one office to an entire building. As your business grows so can your WiFi.

  • Your WiFi Your Brand

    Multiple SSIDs, captive portal (splash page) and redirect capabilities for professional integration.

  • Proven Reliability

    Millions of users and businesses around the world rely on mesh node technology every day.

  • Monetize Your WiFi

    Provide tier level access with vouchers and bandwidth throttling to turn your WiFi into a profit center.

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WiFi is one of your most important amenities. Stop giving it away!

We go beyond what your Internet Service Provider can do by providing the tools to turn your WiFi into a profit center. Offering tier level access is the answer.

Dependable and Versatile Hardware

Depending on your existing layout and available ethernet connections, we will determine one or more of the following hardware deployments to best fit your company infrastructure. All hardware is neutral and contain no logos, which helps reduce intentional damage and theft.

Indoor Ceiling Enclosure
Used for drop ceiling environments for secure and out of reach access point installation.
Indoor Ethernet Enclosure
Converts existing ethernet jacks to an access point while retaining the hard wire connection.
Indoor Wallplug Enclosure
Converts electric outlets to an access point. Mesh technology eliminates the need for a network cable.
Outdoor Pole/Wall Enclosure
Outside deployment. An access point with an external antenna is used to maximize outdoor range.

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About Us

CloudPort was founded on the principle that a professional grade WiFi network should be affordable to small business owners. Over the past decade we have seen too many businesses deploy unsecure equipment designed for home use. We want to change that!

  • Deployment

    Implementation and seamless integration with your brand

  • Monetization

    Earn a return on your investment and start profiting

  • Support

    We are there when you need us with active monitoring

We Specialize In

Deployment of enterprise class private cloud, enterprise backup and recovery, as well as managed WiFi networks at an affordable price.

We tailor to your budget. Whether you want a simple and secure reliable network, or want your WiFi to be an extension of your company, we will work with you to provide the services available within your budget. As your business grows so can your Wifi network and services. With captive portal features, Facebook check-in and a voucher/ticket system to integrate with your business. We proudly service the Miami Valley and surrounding communities of Dayton, Ohio.

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